Bedroom Flooring, What To Pick

Bedrooms should be curated to be cozy, comfortable and just generally a room you can unwind in. When it comes time to design your dream bedroom make sure to prioritize your comfort. An ideal bedroom look different depending on your personal preferences so it is important to narrow down your specific style and your priorities as an individual. If this sounds intimidating we are here to make this process as easy as possible

Hardwood can be a great fit for a variety of styles. We have wonderful hardwood options for you to choose from. Pick a light color hardwood to allow your room to feel bigger and brighter. Perfect for those who enjoy waking us to the sun filling their room. Or you can choose a dark hardwood color for a more comfortable and welcoming feel. A perfect color choice for those who are looking for a warm and cozy ambiance. A light hardwood color is superior at hiding dirt and dust while a dark hardwood color also does a better job at hiding imperfections.

Carpet is the perfect option for those looking for that soft, cozy feel. If you love that comfortable feeling beneath your feet carpet is the only way to go. Total Flooring has great plush options that will allow your feet to stay nice and warm through the cold winters. Another perk to carpet is that it is exceptional for absorbing noise. This is perfect for bedrooms where you need silence to sleep through the night. At our showroom, you will find a plethora of colors and styles to match any aesthetic you may have for your home.

Luxury Vinyl Plank
Hoping to accomplish the beautiful look of hardwood but want to stick to your budget? Hardwood floors are stunning and an incredibly popular choice when first brainstorming your flooring options. It isn’t surprising when there are countless interior design inspiration photos with gorgeous hardwood. But many people don’t know that luxury vinyl plank is also a great option to get that same stunning hardwood floor look. There are a plethora of perks to luxury vinyl. Some of these perks include its’ great durability for a price you’ll love

Deciding the best fit for you
A great way to start the process of purchasing new flooring for your bedroom is to narrow down the aesthetic you would like to obtain. From there we can help you find a floor that will best fit your lifestyle. When it comes to finding your style we recommend looking on Pinterest or Instagram. You can save or screenshot your favorites and bring them in. From there we can discuss what rooms are most traffic in your home and what your priorities are in order to find you the perfect flooring solution.

Looking to learn more about what flooring would be best to truly create your dream bedroom? Stop by our Homer Glen showroom to check out our flooring samples and experience our options first hand. Our design consultants would be happy to assist you throughout this entire process!

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