What is Carpet Tile?

Carpet tiles are smaller swatches of carpet that is able to be placed on most flooring using a self-stick installation. Carpet tiles have grown in popularity in many commercial and retail settings for various reasons. They offer beauty, durability, and ease of installation that make them highly desirable. If you’ve never looked into this flooring line, now is a great time to consider the product.

One of the most impressive factors in carpet tiling is that they are easy to install, even in large areas. In addition, most products feature the self-stick installation method, which means the process can be completed quickly and with astonishing results. But there is so much more to love about these materials.

For instance, you can use carpet tiles in much the same way as ceramic or porcelain tiles, creating designs, colors, and motifs that are stunningly impressive to the eye. This makes matching any décor a quick and easy task for any room. And they are as easy to take up and replace as they are to install, so if you’re ready for a change, it’s easy to accomplish.

We understand that durability is essential, and you’ll find it in carpet squares, which offer a low, easy-to-clean pile that works well even in busy spaces. In addition, they can provide stain and wear protection, allowing you more peace of mind if you are a parent or pet owner. When you’re ready to seriously consider these options, visit us at our showroom when you’re in the area.

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