How Do Different Types Of Flooring Transition?

Some transition is necessary whenever two new floors meet and form a seam. And the type of transition needed depends on the flooring that’s connected. We use different transitions to connect floors of different heights. Since each flooring upgrade is different, it’s worth your time to learn more about it. Why transition between two floors? […]

Damaged Flooring: Repair Or Replace?

Flooring damage can sometimes occur, making you consider new floors. This damage can come in various ways, but the desire for something better is always there. But how do you know whether to repair or replace your damaged flooring surfaces? Consider this information to give you a better idea of how to continue through your […]

Bedroom Flooring, What To Pick

Bedrooms should be curated to be cozy, comfortable and just generally a room you can unwind in. When it comes time to design your dream bedroom make sure to prioritize your comfort. An ideal bedroom look different depending on your personal preferences so it is important to narrow down your specific style and your priorities […]

The Perks of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl is a type of flooring that was created to give you that stunning hardwood or stone look at a great price. It is a durable flooring that is designed to last. There are so many perks to choosing luxury vinyl for your home. Here are a few of our favorites! Extensive Style OptionsLuxury […]

What is Carpet Tile?

Carpet tiles are smaller swatches of carpet that is able to be placed on most flooring using a self-stick installation. Carpet tiles have grown in popularity in many commercial and retail settings for various reasons. They offer beauty, durability, and ease of installation that make them highly desirable. If you’ve never looked into this flooring […]

The Best Flooring For Pets

We all love our furry friends but it is so easy for them to make messes. That is why we recommend you find a floor that allows for easy clean-up and will withstand the everyday wear that comes with pets. There are durable options for all types of flooring. New technologies even allow for a […]

The Perks of Carpet

Carpet has always been a popular flooring choice but the desire to have carpet in one’s home is on the rise again. It is sought after because of its; warmth, insulation, visual diversity, and new carpet technologies allow it to be a durable flooring option. Here are a few of the advantages we find carpet […]

What to Consider When Purchasing New Floors

So you have decided it is time to replace your flooring? We are so excited you are considering Total Flooring as your go-to flooring store. We are happy to help you throughout the entire process step by step. To get you started here are a few things we recommend you consider when purchasing new floors. […]

Perks Of Getting An Area Rug For Your Home

When it comes time to decorate your new place a clean slate can be so exciting. Picking an area rug that pulls your entire room together is an important part of this process. Rugs can be great for your overall look but also come with several benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you […]